“We have come a long way”

Every day, we are working to making high-quality medicines accessible and affordable for patients across the region

Rafik kanawati
Chief Executive Officer

Established in the year 1923, Kanawati Medical Products (KMP) are well-known local manufacturers of herbal and chemical medicine, whom offer various pharmaceutical necessities to both domestic and foreign markets such as Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen. With a market access that mostly covers the whole of Syria today, KMP has a unique manufacturing facility found in the suburbs of Damascus. With over 200 products found in the market today such as tablets, syrups, herbal Ayurveda medicines, suppositories, ointments, creams and capsules. In addition to ampules and vials to be installed in the market soon. That’s not all, because even high standards can come with proof. And in KMP’s case that would be the ISO accreditation bestowed from the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), the world’s most trusted organization with headquarters located in Switzerland.

CEO Message

  • Rafik kanawati

  • This year we celebrate 94 years since KMP earned the first license to trade para-pharmaceuticals in the Syrian Ministry of Health Index. We remain one of the leaders in pharmaceutical manufacturing in the local region. Our Branded business – a truly unique asset – has grown through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions that complete our mark in the region, and enabled us to consolidate in key markets. We currently employ many sales and marketing professionals in both Syria and abroad.

    In conclusion, I would like to pay tribute to my father, Abd El Rahman Kanawati, who passed away in May 1965. The entire KMP family of course, misses him, yet his legacy lives on in virtually everything we do at KMP. Every day, we are fulfilling his commitment to making high-quality medicines accessible and affordable for patients across the region. We are emulating his entrepreneurial spirit as we look for new technologies to invest in and new capabilities to develop. We are following his example as we look to enter new markets and take on new challenges. We are convinced in the need for continuing education and training as we strive to expand our knowledge and learn new skills. Most importantly, we are working together as a team to build on his success. We remain very ambitious for KMP and we are confident in our ability to drive continued growth in the years to come.



    Interpreting our work in an honourable and straight-forward manner.


    Striving to provide our clients with the highest standards of performance.


    Working with full respect to all the cases we face, no matter how different it may seem to us.


    Encrypting a broad manner of thinking and acting in our communication with clients.


To be the leading pharmaceutical company whose title is earned on a domestic and foreign basis. A company whose stamina never stops seeking new means of development, and strives for responsibility and ethics to mirror its high standards of performance.


With the aim of providing patients with easy access to high quality and affordable medicines in major therapeutic areas. We are committed to improving people’s lives through our extensive, diverse, and perfected manufacturing practices.


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYKMP is a national corporation specialized in the pharmaceutical sector, with a comprehensive CSR strategy. The company had the privilege to earn the ranking of “Quality Leader” in the Syrian Ministry of Health, for its 15 error-free consecutive years in defection.
One of the major and unique national initiatives is the CTD (Common Technical Document) filing system. This system aims to source all needed studies with online monitoring of all production lines, which will be instantaneously uplinked to the local servers of the Ministry of Health National Labs for complete supervision. Moreover, high quality products are delivered to the market as KMP holds more responsibility towards its patients.

DR. Ahmad Firas Kanawati

General Manager


  • 2023

    GMP Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate Renewal

  • 2022

    Opening of the ointments and creams section and applying the requirements of regulatory decision 17/T

  • 2021

    Modernizing the tablet section, expanding the coating and packaging section, and increasing production capacity by increasing the number of machines

  • 2021

    GMP Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate Renewal

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