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    Vitamin C 500 mg / 1 Sachets (5g)

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Excipients Bicarbonate Sodium, Citric acid, Tartaric acid, Sodium Saccharinate, Orange flavor, Orange colorant, Mg Sulphate
Mechanism Of Action The recommended daily dose allowance of Ascorbic Acid is 30 to 60mg. However, the requirement for this Vitamin has been found to increase in smokers, and in users of oral contraceptive pills. Signs of Vitamin C deficiency are gums bleeding, tendency to bruise easily, shortness of breath, poor lactation, nose bleeding, low resistance to infections, and slow healing of wounds, and the severe deficiency of Vitamin C results in scurvy.
INDICATIONS -Prevention and treatment of scurvy. -Treatment and prophylaxis of Vitamin C deficiency due to inadequate diet, Common cold, in cases of capillary fragility, pregnancy and lactation, surgery, sporting activities, adolescence and infections.
Side EFFECTS Ascorbic Acid is usually well tolerated, but large doses may cause diarrhea. Doses of 600 mg or more -daily have a diuretic action.
WARNINGS Ascorbic Acid should be given with care to patients with hyperoxaluria.
Dosage And Administration Adults: 1-2 sachets (500-1000 mg) in a cup of water daily. Children: ½ -1 sachet (250-500 mg) in a cup of water daily. Or as directed by the physician.
Storage Conditions Store below 30° C, out of humidity. Keep out of reach of children