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About Kanawati Pharma

Established in the year 1923, we Kanawati Medical Products (KMP) are a well-known local manufacturers of herbal and chemical medicine, whom offer various pharmaceutical necessities to both domestic and foreign markets such as Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen.

With a market access that mostly covers the whole of Syria today, KMP has a unique manufacturing facility found in the suburbs of Damascus. As for our productions, over 200 product can be found in the market today such as tablets, syrups, herbal Ayurveda medicines, suppositories, ointments, creams and capsules. Not to mention our continuous effort in producing new lines for the well-being of our clients, like the ampules and vials to be installed in the market soon.

More About Kanawati Pharma
Our Vision

To be the leading pharmaceutical company whose title is earned on a domestic and foreign basis. A company whose stamina never stops seeking new means of development, and strives for responsibility and ethics to mirror its high standards of performance.

Our Mission

With the aim of providing patients with easy access to high quality and affordable medicines in major therapeutic areas. We are committed to improving people’s lives through our extensive, diverse, and perfected manufacturing practices.


1920:First License Acquired by national firm (KMP) to prescribe herbal Ayurveda medicines in a pharmacy.

1925: Ministry Of Economics granted KMP a license to use part of the pharmacy as a production facility for medicines.

1936: KMP participated in global pharmaceutical conference in Palestine.

1937: KMP participated in global pharmaceutical conference for Egypt.

1938: KMP participated in global pharmaceutical conference in Baghdad.

1940: KMP participated in global pharmaceutical conference in Istanbul.

1991: KMP was granted a license to expand and move its production facility to the current address of Jdaidet Artooz.

1999: KMP signed a contract for under license manufacturing the multinational pioneer of Ayurveda medicines, Himalaya Drug Company – India.

2000: KMP earned its first Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate.

2003: KMP earned ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems Accreditation), ISO 14001:1996 (Environmental Management Systems Accreditation.

2005: KMP earned OHSAS 18001:1999 (Occupational Health and Safety Management accreditation).

2011: KMP expanded its production facility to manufacture the following dosage forms like: Tablets, Capsules in fully automated production lines as per the requirements of the new Good Manufacturing Practises.



Interpreting our work in an honourable and straightforward manner.

Drive for Excellence and Quality

Striving to provide our clients with the highest standards of performance.


Working with full respect and comprehension to all the cases we face, no matter how different or odd it may seem to us.


Encrypting a broad manner of thinking and acting in our communication with clients.